Thursday, July 17, 2008

Networking European Citizenship Education - Online Reader: No.1

Political Education in Schools and its Scientific Bases: Contributions and Analyses from the European Discussion

Democratic processes in a larger Europe and beyond require active citizenship and participation. To be able to take an active part within a democratic system, to be able to take part in shaping the society one lives in, it is vitally important that young people start learning about these matters in school. How can students be prepared to take up their rights and duties in a democratic society? This 1st edition of the NECE-Online-Reader compiles papers on the history, development and understanding of political/civic education* from Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

*Note of the Editor: All over Europe different terms are used, e.g. political or civic education, citizenship education. The literal translation of the German term "politische Bildung" into English is "political education", which has negative or at least mistakable connotations. Therefore in this reader "politische Bildung" has been translated into "political/civic education"; exept in the text of Peter Filzmaier, which had already been translated otherwise.


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