Monday, May 14, 2007

Web Links: United States

Academy for Education Development


American Bar Association - Division of Public Education
"...informing the public about law and its role in society."

American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
International Affairs Department


Asia for Educators Online


Bill of Rights Institute


Center for Civic Education
A nonprofit, nonpartisan educational corporation dedicated to fostering the development of informed, responsible participation in civic life by citizens committed to values and principles fundamental to American constitutional democracy.


Center on Congress
The Center is dedicated to promoting and improving the public's understanding of Congress


Civic Engagement Project Management Site
A newly-formed University-wide Task Force on Civic Engagement has been charged with strengthening our civic mission across the full range of University activities, and to make practical proposals for institutionalizing civic engagement as a continuing priority.


CHOICES for the 21st Century Education Project
A program of the Thomas J. Watson, Jr. Institute for International Studies at Brown University.


Civic Practices Network
"...dedicated to bringing practical tools for public problem solving into community and institutional settings across America."


Close Up Foundation
Close Up "works to promote responsible and informed participation in the democratic process through a variety of educational programs."


The Constitutional Sources Project is creating ConSource, the first, comprehensive, online library of US Constitution-related source materials


Constitutional Rights Foundation
 "...dedicated to assuring our country's future by investing in our youth today."


Education Index


Education Commission for the States (ECS)
ECS is a national, nonprofit organization that helps governors, legislators, state education officials and others identify, develop and implement


Educators for Social Responsibility


Facing History and Ourselves


Florida Law Related Education Association, Inc.
Is a private non-profit, 501c(3) organization established in 1984 to improve justice and expand education for democracy through the development and implementation of law related education programs for Florida youth.


Human Rights Education Associates


Justice Resource Center - New York City


Maryland Center for Civic Education


National Alliance for Civic Education (NACE)
NACE is committed to advancing civic knowledge and engagement. NACE believes the time has come to band together to ensure that the next generation of citizens understands and values democracy and participates in the ongoing work of building democracy in America.


National Assessment of Educational Progress: Civics Subject Area


National Constitution Center (NCC)
NCC was established to increase awareness and understanding of the US Constitution, the Constitution's history, and the Constitution's relevance to our daily lives so that all of us -- "We the People" -- will better understand and exercise our rights and our responsibilities.


National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS)
The largest association in the US devoted solely to social studies education.


This site brings you the most thorough pertinent knowledge about the past, present and future of the American political process, to assist in molding a better-educated voting electorate.


Rebuilding Democracy
Rebuilding Democracy is a non-profit, non-partisan organization which strives to improve democracy by fostering citizen involvement, and removing obstacles to citizen engagement in social issues.


Social Science Education Consortium
The mission of the SSEC is to improve social science education at all levels by promoting collaboration among social scientists and social studies educators.


Streetlaw: A Course in Practical Law


US Department of Education